Growing in Giving

At Grace River Church we believe in outreach through partnership. Together, we can make a greater impact than we can on our own. Your financial partnership will help us launch strong, serve better, and reach our community for Jesus.

We are asking churches, organizations, and individuals to invest in us financially so that we can love people well, lead them into a growing relationship with Christ, and launch them out to change their world.

3 Ways to Give

  1. Text Engagement – Grab your phone and text GRACERIVER to 77977 and you will receive a text back with instructions to start giving. Be sure to type GRACERIVER and make sure your phone doesn't auto correct. Tap the link, and you're ready to give!
  2. Online Giving – Simply click the button below and you will be taken to our secure online giving page where you can make one-time or recurring donations!
  3. At Church – At the end of our weekly worship service you can give with your offering.

Thank You!

Thank you for believing in us and helping us grow so we can better serve the community, each other, and Jesus. Your financial help means you are touching and changing lives and helping to make a real, tangible difference. Please give today.

You can also help us grow by joining our Facebook page and sharing with your social network. If you have any questions or wish to find out more feel free to contact us or call 636-389-6160.