5 Ways to Grow Closer to God this Summer


1. Download and use the YouVersion Bible app

This app is awesome and is a great way to learn more about God and our need for Him. One of the things that will really help you this summer is taking a step toward being a self-feeder. What I mean by that is you feeding yourself spiritually. By being a self-feeder, you don’t have to wait until Sunday to grow and be inspired; you can grow daily through reading His word. Download this app now . . . well finish reading the other 4 things, and then download it. 

2. Stay connected through listening online

I get that we will all be out of town for a weekend or two this summer, and you should go on vacation. I encourage you, though, while you are gone, listen to sermons online. This is a great way to ensure you’re not missing anything happing at Grace River. Simply listen on our app or head over to the website www.graceriver.cc/sermons.    

3. Find ways to get alone and pray

I think summer gives us a great opportunity to evaluate and gain perspective. Prayer is a powerful tool we can use to get connect with God. If you are like me, your prayer life could always use some work. If you want to grow spiritually, you have to carve out time to get alone with God.

4. Watch the Bible Project videos with your family

I love these videos, and I think they are great for the entire family. Check them out for yourself at https://thebibleproject.com/explore/. If you have ever had a hard time understanding the context and story line of the Bible, these videos will be a huge help to you.

5. Stretch your faith by giving

Athletes are always looking for ways to push themselves to something greater. In order for your faith to grow, you will have to trust God more and more. The Bible talks more about our financial resources than it does love, heaven, and hell. Sarah and I, just this past month, decided we are going to stretch our faith and give more to the church. What can you do? Giving online is easy you can do so from our website here.


I want you to know at Grace River, we want nothing from you; we only want something for you! I hope that this summer is a time for you to draw closer to God and the people you love. I would love to know how to pray for you so please reply to this email if you have any prayer requests. This week we start a brand new series on what it means to follow Jesus, and it should be a lot of fun! 



Have a great day! 

Chris Highfill
Lead Pastor
Grace River Church