Our Church

Grace River Church in O’Fallon, Missouri, is a church that seeks to provide a way for the unchurched and de-churched to come back to the God who loves them. Most people know of Jesus...He was a good man, a great teacher, and a remarkable historical figure. However, that's only a portion of the story.

Jesus saves us from our sins and restores the broken relationships between a holy God and us. As His church, our intention is to give greater St. Charles County an opportunity to discover the truth about Jesus and experience God through acceptance, community, service, and generosity.

Moving Forward in Life

Our church is open to everyone – if you were part of a religious affiliation in the past but lost your belief, if you’ve never been to church, if you have certain opinions about what church means, or you’re lost in life – no matter what, we welcome you.

Our faith and church community binds us together as we find and follow Jesus and try to live as The Bible tells us. We share the ups and downs of life without judgement and feel that it’s okay to not be okay, it’s just not okay to stay there.


Our weekly sermons are energetic with reverent music and messages meant to inspire you and help you grow in your love for Jesus, yourself, and others. Our goal is to make The Bible relevant to your life today so you can take what you’ve heard, apply it to your life, and experience Him as you never have before.

Each week as you listen and open your heart, we are here for you for any reason – to listen, answer questions, and guide you; to share and help you find and follow Jesus Christ.

Small Groups

At Grace River Church, we have many weekly Small Groups throughout the St. Charles county area who gather to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. In these Small Groups, we meet in a circle to discuss the previous Sunday sermon and encourage each other to live out the truths in the Bible. Why a circle? Though you may be inspired in rows on Sunday, life and change happen in a circle. Nothing in life in linear – it’s the circle of life.

Our Small Groups result in a closeness with each other that opens the door to communication and spiritual growth. You will get to know one another well and find your Small Group a trusting, caring, enjoyable place to get closer to Jesus. 

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is how we stay connected as a church. There you can find upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, as well as ways staying connected with others in our church. We also use the Church Community Builder to check your kids in and out of our fun, educational children's ministry. You can sign up for a Church Community Builder account when you visit us on Sunday morning at 9:00 or 10:30, or by clicking the button below.

Let Us Help You Find & Follow Jesus

Our mission is to love you, help you find a meaningful relationship with God, lead you into a growing, loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and change your world. Contact us and join us this Sunday as we gather for coffee, friendship, music, and encouragement through God’s word. See you there!